Manitoba School for the Deaf (MSD)

Youth Canada Tournament for the Deaf (YCTD)

msd team at the youth canada tournament for the deaf

The Youth Canada Tournament of the Deaf was established in 1983 by the staff at the Alberta School for the Deaf in an effort to promote excellence, enjoyment of education, culture, recreation, and sports among the four western provinces but has since expanded to the eastern provinces. It is hosted by different provinces every three years. MSD has participated in every event and has hosted on numerous occasions.

Events include sports such as volleyball, floor hockey, badminton, and ping pong. Arts, culture, and academics events are also held during this week-long event.

“The Youth Canada Tournament for the Deaf is an opportunity for communities to unite in honor of our celebration of the bright future that will be led by Deaf youth. Your branches can only reach high if your roots go deep. As Deaf youth develop connections with other Deaf young people across Canada, they spread their roots, share their culture, and strengthen their sense of pride and community, extending across time and geographical boundaries.”